28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Hovering Over Us
Hovering Over Us
Hovering Over Us
Hovering Over Us
Hovering Over Us
Hovering Over Us
Hovering Over Us

Hovering Over Us

director: Hanna Kaihlanen
original title: Hovering Over Us
country: Finland
year: 2023
running time: 16 min.


Big events in our lives and on the planet often start with something small. The author therefore puts different species of mosquitoes and glimpses of a childhood under the microscope. Scientific facts about the tiny bloodsucking creatures are mixed with fragmented memories in a ghostly narrative. To understand the past and prepare for the future, both require equal attention.

“Every time that you think we're now living in some final, confusing battle arena, and that it will all end badly, you then realize that nothing truly ends.”


Hanna Kaihlanen (1990) is a Finnish editor and director of documentary and experimental films. She deals with themes such as memory, time and the interaction between humans and landscapes. She is interested in the connections between local and global issues. She likes to combine found footage with poetic images of nature.

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director: Hanna Kaihlanen
cast: Henriikka Heiskanen
producer: Hanna Kaihlanen
script: Hanna Kaihlanen
photography: Charlotte Forsgård
editing: Hanna Kaihlanen, Sini Kononen
music: Ville-Matti Koskiniemi
sound: Ville-Matti Koskiniemi
sound design: Ville-Matti Koskiniemi
co-producer: Wacky Tie Films
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