28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Of her Kingdom
Of her Kingdom
Of her Kingdom
Of her Kingdom

Of her Kingdom

director: Vincent Guilbert
original title: Kanojo no ôkoku ni tsuite
country: Japan
year: 2019
running time: 10 min.


Memories of sounds, everyday artefacts, fragments of situations, visual traces of gestures along with fleeting expressions of inner movements bring about in a gentle way the blanks and losses in this diary essay on the paramount importance of space and behaviour, duration of (un)happiness and focus on the present moment as a means of defence against exhaustion.

“A film about absence/bereavement; trying to remember "her" gestures and presence through scattered fragments of memories, reminiscences of sounds and a decaying silence.” V. Guilbert     


French filmmaker and photographer Vincent Guilbert (1976) works basically in France, but also in Japan, the latter being a fact influencing his choice of topics. The motifs he tends to develop in his films include the issues of time and memory. He often makes his films by simply switching on the camera and letting his protagonist exist in front of the lens without any major editing interventions.

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director: Vincent Guilbert
producer: Vincent Guilbert
music: Loren Connors
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