28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Dusty Snare and Islands
Dusty Snare and Islands
Dusty Snare and Islands
Dusty Snare and Islands
Dusty Snare and Islands

Dusty Snare and Islands

director: Chae Yu
original title: Dusty Snare and Islands
country: Republic of Korea (South Korea), Thailand
year: 2023
running time: 50 min.


An amateur female musician accidentally finds a set of drums on a deserted Thai island. The very unlikely situation launches the minimalist story of a film labyrinth, which turns into a journey from rehearsal to public performance. The conceptual film weaves images and sounds, often returning in reframing or recontextualisation, into the equivalent of a rhythmic piece of music. The audio-visual medium conveys intense emotions that defy superficial rational interpretation behind the recurring leitmotif of beating drums. A film unfolds on the screen before your eyes that you literally have to tune in to.


Chae Yu (1996) lives and works in Seoul, South Korea, and has an inclination for the experimental stream of filmmaking. She is particularly interested in experiencing different expressive positions in sound and image, filmed on both digital equipment and a 16mm camera.

more about film

director: Chae Yu
cast: Suhyun Jeon, Chae Yu
producer: Chae Yu
photography: Chae Yu
editing: Chae Yu
sound design: Chae Yu
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