28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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The Eclipse
The Eclipse
The Eclipse
The Eclipse
The Eclipse
The Eclipse

The Eclipse

director: Nataša Urban
original title: The Eclipse
country: Norway
year: 2022
running time: 109 min.


Director Nataša Urban left her native Serbia many years ago. But now, through her father’s travel diary and conversations with family and loved ones, she returns to the places where she grew up and which have since become ravaged mementos of the war in former Yugoslavia. Human and concrete remains are all that are left in the villages where the author used to walk with her parents. The overwhelming history of the Balkan peninsula is eating away at the smaller, family ones – happy memories of childhood are overpowered by what has been dredged up from the uncovered mass graves. Looking at the bloody images of Yugoslav history is as painful as looking directly at a solar eclipse.

“Then, in order to cover it up, they destroyed the POW camp in 1992, one year after they set it up. And people would come to pick the bricks from a nearby village, on tractors to take the bricks to use them to build a church in that nearby village.”


Nataša Urban (* 1977) was born into a Serbian-Romanian family in former Yugoslavia. In 2011 she moved to Oslo, where she works as a documentary filmmaker and editor. Her previous films Journey of a Red Fridge (2007) and Punam – Girl From Nepal (2005) have won numerous awards at international festivals.

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director: Nataša Urban
producer: Ingvil Giske
script: Nataša Urban
editing: Jelena Maksimovic
sound: Svenn Jakobsen
skladatel: Bill Gould, Jared Blum
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