28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Broken Sky
Broken Sky
Broken Sky
Broken Sky
Broken Sky

Broken Sky

director: María José Alarcón Ardila
original title: Cielo Roto
country: Colombia
year: 2022
running time: 24 min.


The last earthquake that struck Popayán in 1983 not only destroyed the Colombian city itself, but left lasting scars on the lives of its men and women that have been inherited by younger generations. Friends María José and Alejandra deal with the traumas of the past and the pain in their own way – through sunsets, art, poetry and cinema itself.

“The most important thing for a house not to fall down is to have a good foundation, and I think it’s also like that with humans, isn’t it?” — Alejandra


Colombian director and editor María José Alarcón Ardila studied film at the University of Popayán and as part of a programme at Corporación Universitaria Unitec. She currently works as a project manager at Medialab, Bogotá's cinematheque. The short film Broken Sky is her directorial debut.

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director: María José Alarcón Ardila
producer: Marcela Morelo Lozada
photography: Marco Ágredo Alegría
editing: María José Alarcón Ardila
music: Sebastián Ágredo Alegría
sound design: Sebastián Ágredo Alegría
art director: Paola Gaona
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