28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Live in a Non-Profit
Live in a Non-Profit
Live in a Non-Profit

Live in a Non-Profit

director: Markéta Oddfish Nešlehová
original title: Žít v nezisku
country: Czech Republic
year: 2023
running time: 26 min.


There is no functioning democratic society without NGOs. They operate where the state cannot reach. At the same time, trust in the non-profit sector is consistently low in our country - according to a recent survey, 60 percent of adults do not trust them. Using the stories of several non-profit organizations as a backdrop, the documentary explores the current attitude of Czechs towards donations and the paradox resulting from the constant distrust of the non-profit sector on the one hand and the growing generosity of Czechs on the other.


Graduated from the Faculty of Journalism at Charles University. She switched from journalism and journalistic work to directing. Co-founder of the humanitarian non-profit organization We Can, z.s. She combines documentary work with directing live broadcasts, music shows, concerts, DVDs and music videos. In her films, she is interested in Roma or ethnic issues or third world issues.

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director: Markéta Oddfish Nešlehová
producer: Veronika Slámová
script: Markéta Oddfish Nešlšehová
photography: Tomáš Drdácký
editing: Petra Berkovičová Raušová
sound: Petr Červený
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