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25th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Stay If You Can / Go If You Must
Stay If You Can / Go If You Must
Stay If You Can / Go If You Must
Stay If You Can / Go If You Must

Stay If You Can / Go If You Must

director: Elysa Wendi
original title: 記憶中混濁的霧是我的畫像
country: Hong Kong SAR China
year: 2019
running time: 12 min.


A portrait film of two female contemporary Hong Kong artists shot over ice and smoke, in which these two substances reflect the real-life, turbulent events currently playing out in the ill-fated Special Administrative Region of the PRC. The poetry of words and introspection overlap here in several different layers with the throbbing, relentless prose of documented reality.


"An abstraction on a real event pushes further imagination and emotion in a different time and space for further introspection." E. Wendi


Elysa Wendi is a Singaporean artist living in Hong Kong. A common characteristic of her work lies in the dividing line between film and dance, but more specifically her search for a collective memory and the geographical influences on the body and mind.

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director: Elysa Wendi
producer: Anna Cheng
photography: Shek Keong Wong
sound: Noisy Minor
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