28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Ji.hlava New Visions Co-production Market

Documentary projects of all types and formats produced by European filmmakers will be selected for the Ji.hlava New Visions Co-production Market, which takes place as part of the industry programme of the Ji.hlava IDFF.

Ji.hlava New Visions Co-production Market

Ji.hlava New Visions follows new trends in contemporary European film production, and the Co-production Market is therefore opened to all types of non-fiction audiovisual formats. The aim is to create an active hub connecting producers and other professionals to support the financing and development of projects, as well as their subsequent promotion and distribution.

The Co-production Market is an opportunity for film professionals accredited at the Ji.hlava IDFF to meet the authors of the selected projects. It is also a chance for the Co-production Market participants to find co-producers for their projects.

All film professionals accredited at the Ji.hlava IDFF have access to the Co-production Market.

The meetings with the Co-production Market participants is possible onsite depending on their availability.



Ji.hlava New Visions Forum and Co-production Market
is held as part of the Visegrad Accelerator.

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