27th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Jasmina Sijerčić

Jasmina Sijerčić
section: Czech Joy
edition: 2022
country: France
Originally from Bosnia, she studied in Prague, first International Relations at the University of Economics and went on to study Film Production at Prague’s FAMU. She spent a year at University of Sorbonne in Paris at the Cinema Studies Department after which she decided to move to France. She joined documentary production company ISKRA where she worked as an executive producer. In 2014 she started to collaborate with Bocalupo Films, a production company also based in Paris, as an independent producer. Feature film UNE HISTOIRE AMERICAINE was her first project as a producer within Bocalupo Films, followed by experimental documentary feature DEAD SLOW AHEAD that premiered in Locarno IFF and won a Special Jury Award. Since then she has continued to produce fiction and documentary films, mostly in international co-production.
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