28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Ji.hlava for the twenty-third time: minding our ecological footprint!

This year’s edition of the Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival will revolve around the theme of ecology. Visual artist Juraj Horváth, the author of the festival poster that was officially published today, always writes a short poem accompanying the visual design. This year, one of the poem’s lines depicts a “planet turning red-hot”. Marek Hovorka, the Director of the Ji.hlava IDFF adds: “So far, the festival has mainly followed the line of thoughts and filmic expressions. This time, we are adding a third aspect: the environmental footprint.”

This year’s visual concept of the festival is specific for its two-colour register and distinct drawings. “We wanted Ji.hlava to become more playful. Our graphic artist, Juraj Horváth, plans to scatter the festival printed materials with his drawings, and the poster visual is only one of them,” says Marek Hovorka explaining the graphic design. Hovorka adds: “Although surrounded by apocalyptic news, our outlook into the future is slightly optimistic. We believe that if we take a responsible attitude, we will handle the situation.”

You can find more info about 23rd edition of Ji.hlava IDFF in the press release. Download the poster in PDF or PNG.

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