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25th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Practical information and recommendations

FAQ: All you need to know about Ji.hlava and are not afraid to ask!

Practical information and recommendations


  • Buy your festival pass in presale. This will save you and others time at the accreditation desk. Without a valid accreditation and a tag confirming your infection-free status (see below) you will not be allowed to enter any of the festival events.
  • Even if you plan to buy your festival pass on the spot, you can already create an account in the Eventival database, i.e. your festival "Visitor Page". This account will enable us to issue your festival pass – without a valid account, you will be asked to create one before purchasing your accreditation on site. Two computers will be reserved for this purpose at the accreditation desk. For your convenience, we recommend creating your account in advance, as this will again save time for you and other visitors in line for the festival pass.
  • Arrange your accommodation in advance. Accommodation provided by the festival is available here.


  • Please prepare your Covid-19 vaccination certificate, or a valid antigen or PCR test. Entrance to film screenings and the accompanying programme will be possible only with a valid accreditation tag proving your infection-free status. All adults and children from the age of 6 are required to prove their infection-free status. You can either use your QR code in Tečka mobile app with a valid EU COVID-19 Certificate or a printed EU COVID-19 Certificate. Please note that other proofs of your infection-free status and other apps will not be accepted.
  • The current conditions are governed by the decree: ŽS Systém O-N-T: Očkování – prodělaná Nemoc – Test.
  • The festival pass will only be issued to those who meet one of the following conditions:
    ➤ at least 2 weeks have elapsed since the application of the last vaccination
    ➤ negative PCR test result not older than 7 days
    ➤ negative antigen result not older than 48 hours
  • Certified laboratory tests will be available on site. Non-invasive saliva tests will be available for children. According to the current regulations, under the Czech insurance coverage you are entitled to an antigen test once every 7 days and a free PCR test twice a month. See for updates: www.covid.gov.cz. Testing will also be available to self-payers.
  • Test site opening hours (Divadelní 4)
    ➤ Mon / 1:00 – 8:45 PM
    ➤ Tue–Sat / 9:00 AM – 8:45 PM
    ➤ Sun / 8:00 AM – 3:00 PM
  • Antigen test results will be available in 15 minutes on the spot, and the PCR test results will be sent to you by text message within 24 hours.
  • If you experience problems with entering the test results into the Tečka app via the ÚZIS system, please visit our SOS point:
  • SOS point opening hours (Horácké Theatre, Jihlava, Komenského 24):
    ➤ Tue–Sat / 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM
    ➤ Sun / 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM
  • Once the above conditions are met, each pass will be marked with a coloured sticker depending on the validity period of the tests. The tag confirming that you have met the above conditions will be issued together with your accreditation. If your test expires during your stay at the festival, you must do a new test (see above) and have your festival pass fitted with a new valid tag at the testing site.


  • Log in to your personal account through our website (top right corner). Log in via your personal account on the Visitor Page. Logging in will allow you to watch festival films online after the end of the live part of the festival (if you have a valid accreditation). After logging in, you can also plan your personal festival schedule at your convenience. All you have to do is tick the "add to personal programme" option in the profile of the film or offscreen event of your choice.
  • Download our festival mobile app (Android / iOS). The app contains festival films, the offscreen programme, a personal time schedule, a festival map and important updates. The app will be launched in the next few days.
  • Details of all festival venues, including information about wheelchair accessibility can be found in the festival map.
  • Upon your arrival in Jihlava, please visit the accreditation desk (Café of the Horácké Theatre, Komenského 22). Here you will receive your festival pass or accommodation voucher and you can also buy the programme brochure and the festival book. Please prepare a Covid-19 vaccination certificate or a confirmation of a valid antigen or PCR test – see above.
  • Individual tickets to festival screenings will be available for CZK 150 at the screening venue (DKO, Dukla Cinema, DIOD) an hour before the start of the screening. Note that an individual ticket does not ensure priority admission to the cinema hall, so please arrive well in advance of the start of the screening as the capacity of the venue may be full.
  • The festival pass allows free admission to all events of the offscreen programme. Tickets for the paid events of the offscreen programme for non-accredited visitors (120-150 CZK) will be available at the venue before the start of the performance. For more information see the description of each event in the offscreen programme overview.
  • The festival has a blanket ban on food consumption in cinema halls.
  • Connect using the festival Wi-Fi:
    ➤ Name: JIDFF_visitors
    ➤ Password: dokrevue.com
  • Do you have a programme for children or a kid’s corner? We have made the festival accessible to the youngest audience of Ji.hlava IDFF offering an exquisite selection of educational, entertaining and creative activities for children on their own, or accompanied by parents. Please check out our programme updates at Ji.hlava for Kids HERE.
  • If you don’t have a map and your phone is dead, just follow the white line connecting all important festival venues.
  • All accredited visitors can use the Jihlava public transport free of charge.
  • You can go to selected places (Třešť boarding house) for free using the festival bus. The bus timetable will be published in the week before the festival.
  • Which languages are used during the film screenings? Where can I find details about the subtitles and translation?
    ➤ Films are shown in their original language version, with English subtitles (if possible). All films are accompanied by a Czech translation (spoken Czech / added subtitles / simultaneous translation in headphones). Almost all films also have an English version (English subtitles).
    ➤ Headphones for simultaneous translation are available at the screening venues.
    ➤ Q&As following the screenings are held in Czech with simultaneous translation into English and vice versa via headphones (Q&As in English are translated into Czech).
    ➤ The Inspiration Forum sessions are held in both Czech and other languages. Each discussion is translated simultaneously into Czech and most of them also into English.
    ➤ Information about translation/and/or subtitles are provided for each individual film listed in the programme brochure. Information about the language of the subtitles is also provided in the film annotation on the festival website and in the mobile app.
  • Do you have a festival pass but can’t make it to the festival? We do not refund money for accreditations already paid for, but you can change the registration details and transfer the pass to someone else. In that case, please contact us at akreditace@ji-hlava.cz.


  • After the end of the live part of the festival, all accredited visitors will be able to watch most of the films on our website by clicking the link directly in the tab of the film of their choice.
  • Please note that:
    ➤ the online festival programme does not include all of the films screened as part of the live festival programme in Jihlava
    ➤ the list of films accessible online will be published at 10:00 AM on Sunday Oct 31
    ➤ films will be available from 6:00 PM on Sunday Oct 31 to midnight on Sunday Nov 14
  • To watch a film, please first log in to your personal account on our website (top right corner). You can log in using your account at the Visitor Page. Logging in will allow you to play the films online after the live part of the festival is over (if you have purchased a valid accreditation).
  • If you have trouble playing the film or logging in, please contact our support via the chat window. We will respond to your enquiries as soon as possible but please be patient and contact us only when necessary. Chat support will be available every day of the online part of the festival – from 3:00 PM on Sunday Oct 31, and then daily from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM.
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