26th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Festival Identity

A platform where film festivals meet and network.

Festival Identity

Festival Identity is a platform for representatives of film festivals, where they can meet, share ideas and thoughts, and develop an international network of festival communities.

The registration to FESTIVAL IDENTITY in 2021 is free of charge for film festival representatives. The registered festival representatives will receive free industry accreditation for the 25th Ji.hlava IDFF and will be invited to take part in a specially tailored programme, attend pitchings of new Czech, European and U.S. documentary films, participate in the Matchmaking Accelerator, and more.

The Festival Identity 2021 meeting will start on October 27 with a closed joint session and continue on the following day by focused group discussions to analyze the data collected by the East West Index. How to avoid the disproportional representation of certain regions in the festivals’ programmes and what are the major tendencies in festival programming? How does programming of small and large festivals differ? How to secure geographical diversity and gender balance during the selection process? And where is the equilibrium between the selectors’ taste and the viewers’ expectations in all this? This part of the programme will only take place physically and will not be streamed.

On October 28–29, the Festival Identity participants will be invited to attend the JI.HLAVA NEW VISIONS Forum featuring presentations of 20 European and 16 U.S.documentaries in all stages of production and will get access to JI.HLAVA NEW VISIONS Market with more selected projects. The program includes also presentations of Czech documentaries in competition – CZECH JOY IN THE SPOTLIGHT (October 27) and the Festival Identity participants are welcomed to join the extensive Matchmaking Accelerator (October 27–30). These parts of the programme will take place physically and will be streamed.

The Festival Poster Competition is an accompanying project of the Festival Identity. In the past years, hundreds of posters have been submitted by festivals from across the world. Film festivals are invited to submit their posters online by October 20.

Registrations to the Festival Identity programme are possible until October 3, travel and accommodation arrangements are not secured by the festival. The festival’s guests service may provide assistance with finding the accommodation → Naděžda Nazarová / industry.guests@ji-hlava.cz


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