28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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8th day of the war
8th day of the war
8th day of the war
8th day of the war
8th day of the war

8th day of the war

director: Oksana Moiseniuk
original title: 8. den války
country: Czech Republic
year: 2022
running time: 93 min.


The film takes place on the eighth day of Russia's war campaign in Ukraine. Eight Ukrainians residing in the Czech Republic – a businesswoman, cleaning ladies, construction workers, and bus drivers – make their own diary-like observations of the events in their homeland. They continue to bury themselves in their work, unable to afford to withdraw themselves from their current lives. In their minds, however, they've transported themselves hundreds of kilometers away, helping their fellow countrymen and women by any means necessary. They provide accommodation for refugees, scout for bulletproof vests, and call their loved ones who’ve taken shelter from falling bombs. They have a hectic and emotionally overwhelming 24 hours ahead of them. But it’s not the first 24 hours and it won’t be the last.

“Through the personal stories of real Ukrainian people, the film brings intimate insight into the many facets of war.” — Oksana Moiseniuk

Source: https://www.dokrevue.cz/clanky/osmy-den-valky


Director, journalist, and producer Oksana Moiseniuk was born in Ukraine where she studied journalism. She has been living and working in the Czech Republic for many years. She is currently putting together a documentary film about Ukrainian workers in the Czech Republic.

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director: Oksana Moiseniuk
producer: Oksana Moiseniuk , Elisey Mashchenskiy
photography: Filip Strakoš, Barbara Aradská, Jan Šípek, Petr Salaba, Veronika Janečková
editing: Šimon Špidla, Tomáš Bojar
sound design: Martin Stýblo
executive producer: Elisey Mashchenskiy
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