28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Found by the One She Seeks
Found by the One She Seeks
Found by the One She Seeks
Found by the One She Seeks
Found by the One She Seeks

Found by the One She Seeks

director: Petr Michal
original title: Je nalezena tím, koho hledá
country: Czech Republic
year: 2022
running time: 41 min.


Petr Michal‘s meditative documentary follows the current life of an esteemed Czech literary translator, Anna Karenina. The film largely treats the relationship with her late husband, poet Petr Kabeš, and the feeling of loneliness she has been facing since his death. It is definitely not a conventional documentary portrait, since the director does not ask questions, and instead lets Karenina voice out her thoughts and feelings, observing her with a casual camera during work or on her mountaineering trips. The film also serves as an implicit proof of love to analogue medium: not only the book, but analogue film as well, with its invisible, yet almost tangible features.

“I know that loneliness is a sort of a task, it is here for me to do or finish what we once agreed to act upon with Petr, and, as a matter of fact, what I negotiated with fate.” — Anna Karenina


Petr Michal graduated in documentary filmmaking from FAMU and works as a documentary filmmaker and editor for Post Bellum. His authorial films include student documentaries Mikrotron, The Good Anarchist Igor and Jan Švankmajer.

more about film

director: Petr Michal
cast: Anna Kareninová
producer: Petr Michal, Tomáš Šimon
photography: Jakub Vrbík
editing: Karolína Čejková
sound: Matěj Lindner
executive producer: Karolína Nováková
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