28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Concrete Fissures

Concrete Fissures

director: Sohyeon Park, Nefeli Sani
original title: Fissures concrètes
country: France
year: 2022
running time: 13 min.


Audio documentary. A great development project is taking place near ENS Louis-Lumière in Saint-Denis. The constant construction noise is engulfing the entire neighbourhood. Saint-Denis has been scheduled to host the Olympic Village in 2024. As a result, its former residents, who had lived there until the present, have been forcefully evicted/relocated due to the new construction. Concrete Fissures focuses on how soundscapes can change as a result of capitalist gentrification.


Sohyeon Park is a documentary filmmaker, writer, and video journalist. Most recently, she worked as a video journalist at a new media journalism group, Dotface. Graduated with a BA in School of Film, TV & Multimedia, Broadcasting from Korea national university of arts, Republic of Korea.

Nefeli Sani is a sound artist based in Athens. She is a graduate student of the School of Music Studies, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Her work uses digital & analog synthesizers, pre-recorded material, found objects and spoken word to create a espace for silenced stories to be heard. She is a member of the experimental female duo I broke the vase.

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director: Sohyeon Park, Nefeli Sani
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