28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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My Paradise Is Darker Than Your Hell
My Paradise Is Darker Than Your Hell
My Paradise Is Darker Than Your Hell
My Paradise Is Darker Than Your Hell

My Paradise Is Darker Than Your Hell

director: Kateřina Dudová
original title: Moje nebe je horší než tvoje peklo
country: Czech Republic
year: 2023
running time: 76 min.


Theatre director Jan Kačena poisoned himself in 2019 by inhaling fumes and suffered irreversible brain damage. While his partner makes a film as a declaration of love, he lies unconscious. In the film, the director follows moments in the everyday lives of three people close to him: Czech rapper Tyler Durden, painter Tadeáš Pochman and film director Helena Papírníková. In a naturalistic way, it captures drug addiction, self-destructive tendencies and family problems, which are the subject of intimate, often uncomfortable conversations. The result is a diary-style probe into the fate of the artistic bohemia of late capitalism.

“Maybe you're just a spoiled brat playing the anarchist bit.”


Kateřina Dudová (1987) graduated in theatre directing at DAMU and studied at the Department of Documentary Film at FAMU. She is the author of the short student film Blow-off! (2019) and co-directed the portrait Searching for Jan Skácel (2022) for Czech Television. She works as a theatre actress and director.

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director: Kateřina Dudová
producer: Vojtěch Komrzý
editing: Jakub Fišer
music: Milan "Záviš" Smrčka, David "Tyler Durden" Štilip
Line Producer: Valeria Borkovcová
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