28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Of Fences and Men
Of Fences and Men
Of Fences and Men
Of Fences and Men
Of Fences and Men
Of Fences and Men

Of Fences and Men

director: Petr Michal
original title: O plotech a lidech
country: Czech Republic
year: 2023
running time: 12 min.


The iconography of garden communities, which also includes fences, is spread out before us in a pictorial-sound study of a Czech phenomenon. All those swings, cottages, rusting gates and weed-ridden concrete panel walkways are monuments to human attempts to tame nature within reasonable limits.


Petr Michal (born 1986) graduated from Charles University and studied documentary film at FAMU. The audience in Jihlava has already had the opportunity to see his medium-length film Found by the One She Seeks (2022), which won the Best Cinematography Award in the Czech Joy section in 2022.

more about film

director: Petr Michal
producer: Ester Valtrová, Tomáš Šimon
script: Petr Michal
photography: Petr Michal
editing: Tereza Rozálie Koldová, Petr Michal
sound: Matěj Lindner
sound design: Matěj Lindner
executive producer: Ester Valtrová
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