28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Notes from Eremocene
Notes from Eremocene
Notes from Eremocene
Notes from Eremocene
Notes from Eremocene
Notes from Eremocene
Notes from Eremocene

Notes from Eremocene

director: Viera Čákanyová
original title: Poznámky z Eremocénu
country: Slovakia, Czech Republic
year: 2023
running time: 78 min.


The term eremocene describes a sense of loneliness in a time of environmental crisis and technological development and raises questions about the future fate of humanity. The film is a cross between science fiction and a philosophical essay and develops the idea of an earth shaped by artificial intelligence, digital data and blockchain, in which human organic matter no longer has a place. In this dystopian vision of the future, an inhuman being searches for its ancient roots and finds them in the figure of the film's author. The dialogue between the virtual voices and the authentic creator is complemented by analogue footage of everyday life in society before the world was taken over by inhuman actors and streams of data.

“Eremocene is an epoch marked by an existential and material isolation resulting from having extinguished so many other forms of life.” — E. O. Wilson
Quote from The Bitter Southerner.


Slovak director Viera Čákanyová (1980) studied screenwriting at the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava and documentary filmmaking at FAMU. She works as a documentary filmmaker, dramaturge and editor. She was awarded at the Ji.hlava IDFF for her film White on White (2020) and won the Czech Film Critics Award for her film FREM (2019) in the Best Audiovisual Achievement category.

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director: Viera Čákanyová
producer: Matej Sotník
photography: Viera Čákanyová
editing: Viera Čákanyová
sound design: Marek Buranovský
co-producer: Nina Numankadić, Ondrej Starinsky, Tatiana Vallová
executive producer: Dorota Zacharová, Roman Genský
Distributor: Tereza Smetanová, Katarína Hrašková
Script Dramaturgy: Klára Tasovská
Ministerstvo kultury
Fond kinematografie
Město Jihlava
Kraj Vysočina
Creative Europe Media
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