28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Great Girls

Great Girls

director: Jaroslava Tomanová
original title: Velký holky
year: 2023
running time: 12 min.


Great Girls take care of those who are unable to look after themselves. Thanks to these women, people from the villages of Šumava can stay at home instead of moving to hospices or care homes. A film about women who do care work as a job despite the difficult conditions on the Czech periphery. The needs they provide include not only daily hygiene, food and cleaning, but also the willingness to listen to or help those who are dying.

This film will be featured in the online edition of Ji.hlava IDFF.


Received a PhD in Great Britain. Since 2014, curating and production jobs in contemporary art. Her interests include alternative narratives to the prevalent social-economic models, and the relevant art practice. Worked as an Assistant Curator at TBA21 in Vienna and Documenta fifteen in Kassel.

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director: Jaroslava Tomanová
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