28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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From the Bottom
From the Bottom
From the Bottom
From the Bottom
From the Bottom
From the Bottom
From the Bottom
From the Bottom
From the Bottom

From the Bottom

director: Tereza Vejvodová
original title: Zdola
country: Czech Republic
year: 2022
running time: 62 min.


Even before the pandemic, there were almost 24,000 homeless people in the Czech Republic. In the following months, many more Czechs faced housing crisis due to the increase in the unemployment rate. Filip, a social work student from Prague experiences their reality first hand. The protagonist of a video journal was shooting in the streets of Ústí nad Labem. In the hot summer days, his existence shrank to finding a mere place to sleep and a meal to eat. Growing tiredness and apathy are temporarily brightened by joyful moments of human solidarity and warm meals. In such circumstances, things like that are not at all common; they represent a means of survival.

“An autobiographical video journal of a social worker who decided to spend a week in the street of an unknown city. Is home a place inside or outside?”

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Director, screenwriter, dramaturge and editor Tereza Vejvodová (* 1995) studied direction at FAMU. Her film A Part (Místo, 2017) was nominated for Magnesia Award for the Best Student film. In her dance movie Delimitation (Vymezení, 2020), which she made with a dancer and choreographer Markéta Jandová, she continued exploring new forms of audiovisual expression.

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director: Tereza Vejvodová
cast: Filip Jiřík
producer: Tereza Vejvodová
photography: Petr Racek
editing: Simona Donovalova
sound: Matěj Lindner
sound design: Matěj Lindner
co-producer: Jan Bodnár
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