28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Back to "normal"?

How the pandemic affected the unbalanced regional representation at film festivals


Matthieu Darras / Director, Pop Up Film Residency, France


Volia Chajkouskaya / Volia Films, Belarus
Vanja Jambrović / Restart, Croatia
Karim Aitouna / Haut les Mains productions, France
Mario Adamson / Sisyfor Film Production, Sweden

Names of the EMERGING PRODUCERS 2022 will officially be announced at the event.

The fresh East West Index data collected at film festivals during the pandemic year 2020 will be presented as part of the Doc Talk.

Jihlava’s East West Index has stirred up debate and attracted media attention in recent years over the unbalanced representation of various regions at film festivals around the world. How has the pandemic affected the situation?

The presentation of the new East West Index data collected at film festivals during the pandemic year 2020 will be followed by a discussion of four up-and-coming European producers, who will share their experience with entering film festivals outside their regions. The producers will talk about films and genres that have proved successful at online film festivals and outline their expectations for the post-pandemic era.

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