28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Festival Identity

Festival Identity is a Ji.hlava IDFF’s platform for representatives of film festivals that aims at strengthening collaboration among film festivals, encouraging know-how exchange, and building the film festivals' community. Participation in the Festival Identity programme is the most convenient and effective way for film festivals to be part of Ji.hlava IDFF. 

Festival Identity

The collaboration among film festivals is often inspired and driven by various grant schemes. At the same time, the film industry often accentuates competitiveness. We would like to search for sustainable ways how to collaborate effectively as we believe that together we are stronger.

In total, almost 30 film festival representatives took part in the 2023 Festival Identity workshop, which focused on know-how exchange in the areas of functioning festival networks, environmental sustainability, community building, and optimizing festivals' presentation, among others.

Next call for the applications for the Festival Identity 2024 will be open in August.


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