28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Roof of Leaves
Roof of Leaves
Roof of Leaves
Roof of Leaves
Roof of Leaves

Roof of Leaves

director: Anna Caroline Arndt
original title: Blätterdach
country: Germany
year: 2021
running time: 105 min.


Constantin, Sarah and Gregor live in a polyamorous relationship. Their intimate confession is not just a demonstration of a free relationship between three people. The lovers, who have intimate conversations, sing, tease each other, or remain silent together, give a glimpse into the life of a social unit that takes questions of trust and tolerance to extremes. A polyamorous relationship can sometimes be even more solid than a couple because it goes beyond the familiar. It represents an experimental space where safe boundaries are abandoned and a gateway is opened to a frighteningly unrestrained universe where established patterns of behavior do not apply. It is a chance to free oneself from inner demons and be renewed within. To find ourselves, we must first lose ourselves.

"Relationship concepts stay focussed on two people and the third person will only be seen in relation to those two. Normative reference system at its best. It forces onto you roles that are purely arbitrary."


Q&A with Anna Caroline Arndt:



Anna Caroline Arndt is a film director, artist and lecturer based in Berlin. She works in the field of commercial and auteur filmmaking, and has worked in animation, documentary and fiction. Her works include Gib mir ein Morgen (2013), RE:AW:RE:FW (2016), and the animated web project Mawah – When Ebola Came to Our Village (2016).

more about film

director: Anna Caroline Arndt
producer: Gregor Matuschek
photography: Anselm Belser
editing: Anna Caroline Arndt
music: Constantin Kleditz
sound: Markus Sternbauer
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