28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Factory Complex
Factory Complex
Factory Complex
Factory Complex
Factory Complex

Factory Complex

director: IM Heung-soon
original title: Factory Complex
country: Republic of Korea (South Korea)
year: 2014
running time: 95 min.


Workers in Asian textile factories, flight attendants, and call center workers represent generations of mothers and daughters who have experienced the onset of neo-liberalism first-hand since the 1970s. Under the control of giants such as Samsung and Daewoo, they come to know the flip side of the dream of prosperity, which is also reflected in the surrealist René Magritte's Kiss of Lovers. The pair have their heads tangled in cloth, much like the heroines of the film, representing global blindness, and raises the question of whether only the exploited Third World workers are blind, or customers of e-shops and branded stores in the west as well.


“At the beginning of my career, I felt like a researcher, activist, social worker, or educator. Now I feel more like a funeral home employee.” Im Heung-soon


In his socially engaged documentaries, Im Heung-soon (1969) draws attention to the lives of marginalized social groups and links them to the rise of the global economy in Asian countries.

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director: IM Heung-soon
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