28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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director: Youjin Moon
original title: Ganymede
country: Republic of Korea (South Korea)
year: 2016
running time: 9 min.


A poetic study based on a series of images taken of Jupiter’s moons that captures how a terrestrial world bathes in the light of the largest moon in our solar system. Light rays transform organic structures into dispersed abstract images. When we close our eyes, we see the cosmic dimension of our consciousness in this foggy landscape.

"My work is based on traditional Korean painting and my experience with abstract painting." Youjin Moon


Youjin Moon (b. 1985) studied painting in Seoul and film and video art in Massachusetts, where she has her own art studio. All throughout her work, she connects nature with science. She edits images of landscapes and cities on her computer and creates abstract, dreamy panoramas out of them.

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director: Youjin Moon
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