28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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The Spark
The Spark
The Spark
The Spark

The Spark

director: Valeria Mazzucchi, Antoine Harari
original title: L'Étincelle
country: Switzerland, France, Italy
year: 2021
running time: 59 min.


Since the 1970s, local farmers in the area near Nantes have been protesting against the construction of a new airport, which would have a devastating impact on the local environment and economy. Gradually, the farmers were joined by environmental activists and anarchists, and the ZAD, an autonomous “zone of protection”, was created. Its inhabitants form a cohesive community practicing sustainable living and seeking an alternative to consumerist lifestyles and social hierarchies. A surveillance camera follows the daily activities of the residents until they are expelled by the police.

„I didn’t want to be a commodity that produces goods or when you’re on holiday, that buys good and consumes leisure time.“


Q&A with Valeria Mazzucchi and Antoine Harari:



Antoine Harari (1987) is a Swiss freelance investigative journalist reporting for print, radio and television. Italian filmmaker Valeria Mazzucchi (1990) has studied international relations and law and is currently working in reportage and documentary on social and political issues.

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director: Valeria Mazzucchi, Antoine Harari
producer: Palmyre Badinier
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