28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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There is Nothing Here
There is Nothing Here
There is Nothing Here

There is Nothing Here

director: Jean Claire Dy
original title: Walay Naa Diri
country: Philippines
year: 2015
running time: 8 min.


When a person is between thirty and forty, he or she experiences a crisis that leads to a rediscovery of one’s own identity, the director of Chinese-Filipino origin reflects in her autobiographical essay. The inner monologue, in which she searches for a definition of nation in a neo-colonial world, is underlined by impressionistically blurred fragments of memories and contemporary reality.


Jean Claire Dy is a filmmaker, multimedia artist, and poet of Chinese-Filipino descent. She co-directed A House in Pieces (2020), a feature-length documentary about Islamic radicals in the Philippines. She founded Stories Beyond, a platform to connect the stories of different communities. Dy is currently a professor in the Department of Communication and Media Studies at the University of the Philippines Mindanao.

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director: Jean Claire Dy
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