28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Tribute to Rumanová: Hotel Sunrise
Tribute to Rumanová: Hotel Sunrise
Tribute to Rumanová: Hotel Sunrise

Tribute to Rumanová: Hotel Sunrise

director: Mária Rumanová
original title: Pocta Rumanové: Hotel Úsvit
country: Czech Republic, Slovakia
year: 2016
running time: 49 min.


Hotel Sunrise (2016), the masterwork by promising Slovak documentary filmmaker Marie Rumanová (1989-2019) featuring an oppressive atmosphere and feelings of sadness and hopelessness, takes us on a journey through the dark gateway into Eastern Europe via the last railway station on the Slovak-Ukrainian border in Čierna nad Tisou. The documentary’s suggestive observation, never before seen in the Czech-Slovak context, is testimony to the director's pure talent and sensitivity. In the presence of her close colleagues, teachers and friends, along with the screening of the film, we will commemorate the future work of this promising young author from her time as a student.

"I started making the film in the period when I began feeling pressure from the system in which I felt like a slave. I was worried with how to reconcile my personal happiness so that it would not be in spite of some world order." M. Rumanová


Maria Rumanová (1989-2019). A talented filmmaker from the youngest generation of Slovak documentary filmmakers. The strongest aspect of her manuscript was the subtlety with which she could capture reality in a remarkable way. She saw the greatest success with her debut Hotel Sunrise (2016), in which she showed a sense of balance that blurred the lines between a documentary and a feature film. Her other films include the short documentaries Proti srsti [Against Fur] (2014) and Bezmocná hŕstka [A Helpless Handful] (2012).

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director: Mária Rumanová
producer: Ivan Ostrochovský
script: Mária Rumanová
photography: Radka Šišuláková, Michal Fulier
editing: Jana Vlčková, Fabián Fronček
music: Vladislav Šarišský
sound: Michal Horváth
co-producer: Ondrej Šulaj, Soňa Komová, Katarína Tomková
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