28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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The Maltese Cross Movement
The Maltese Cross Movement
The Maltese Cross Movement

The Maltese Cross Movement

director: A. Keewatin Dewdney
original title: The Maltese Cross Movement
country: Canada
year: 1967
running time: 6 min.


A Maltese cross and crescent moon drive the intermittent mechanism inside a film projector, which ensures quick change of individual film frames. The accelerating exchange of segments of different types of film material also characterises this poetic structural film, which culminates in a poem addressed to the projection device: If you die tonight / you'll be gone tomorrow.


Alexander Keewatin Dewdney (* 1941) is Professor Emeritus of Computer Science at the University of Western Ontario, Canada. In his last book he offered a mathematical definition of biodiversity. As a mathematics student at the University of Michigan, he enrolled in George Manupelli's course and subsequently made six distinctive experimental films between 1966 and 1971.

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director: A. Keewatin Dewdney
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