28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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director: Alexandra Kandy Longuet
original title: Vacancy
country: Belgium
year: 2018
running time: 80 min.


The camera observes an American motel along the main highway – just the way many of us imagine the United States. We follow four people inside the room at night, where they have been living in a kind of private purgatory for several years. Their sins are drugs, crime, and bad decisions. The slow flow of scenes and the occasionally blurred image create an atmosphere of being out of time and out of place – which probably just where these four people, incapable of breaking free from the vicious circle of apathy, feel themselves to be. The four documentary portraits combine to form a picture of the depressing life of people nurturing a tiny flame of hope. 

„,I have been to hell and / back. / And let me / tell you / It was / wonderful‘ (from Louise Bourgeois work)“ A. Kandy Longuet


Alexandra Kandy Longuet (1984) studied theater and art in Paris while at the same time organizing art exhibitions. After traveling in Russia and Argentina, she began to study film in Belgium. Her first documentary, As She Left (2012), won several festival prizes. Her next film, Shipwreck America (2016) earned her the L’Étoile de la Scam documentary award.

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director: Alexandra Kandy Longuet
producer: Marie Besson, Samuel Tilman
script: Alexandra Kandy Longuet
photography: Caroline Guimbal
editing: Agathe Hervieu
music: Thomas Vaquié
sound: Alexandra Kandy Longuet, Jean-François Levillain
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