28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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From the Wild Sea
From the Wild Sea
From the Wild Sea
From the Wild Sea
From the Wild Sea

From the Wild Sea

director: Robin Petré
original title: Fra det vilde hav
country: Denmark
year: 2021
running time: 78 min.


Efforts at saving sea animals that are – as a consequence of human interventions – harmed and washed up ashore, form an endless and continually speeding up cycle. A series of fatal causes and consequences whereby a man is the perpetrator and negotiator of problems, while the animals are the victims, pretends to be a reflective documentary film. Be it members of an organization caring for injured seals, people washing diesel-stained swans, or scientists dissecting a dolphin harmed by ships, everyone is teeming with a conscience that with the proceeding climate change and intensive exploitation of the seas, such cases would be ever more numerous and incalculably frequent.

„It’s not so much a film about the sea, it’s almost a film from the sea. It’s as if the sea is speaking to us.“


Robin Petré (1985) is a Danish filmmaker. She graduated in journalism and documentary filmmaking. In her films, she focuses on topics of nature, especially relationships between humans and wildlife. Her feature debut From the Wild Sea (2021) premiered at this year’s Berlinale.

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director: Robin Petré
producer: Malene Flindt Pedersen
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