28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Brave New Worlds

The Brave New Worlds section presents stylistically revelatory virtual reality films and installations, as well as video games exploring events, stories, and settings offering a meditation on today’s world. Social criticism and politics, explorations of the world of science, unknown landscapes, and powerful stories all get their place in linear and interactive works spanning various forms and genres.

This year’s VR Zone will offer linear 360° films shown in a VR Cinema in four curated program blocks, and six interactive experiences that will be presented as installations. Sitting in a revolving chair in the cinema will allow you to see the world around from three hundred and sixty different angles, whereas the installation opens up a space where you can become a part of an interactive world. The selected works reflect on the current trends in terms of the medium’s content and form, such as the extrapolation to the physical world or focus on analyzing fine arts works or movements. Landscapes and ecosystems are also a frequent motif.

Newly, you can reserve the individual blocks of 360° films in the VR Cinema online. For more information scroll down to the end of the article


Unframed – The Intimacies


Roaming among installations, you can explore worlds that work with physical movement of the audience that are allowed to affect what is known and perceived. In the installation entitled Re-Animated, plants, moss, and insects respond to the pulse of music generated in real-time, and the audience’s breath and voice organically impact the virtual atmosphere. The result is a unique VR experience for everyone. Mind Palace is a project that evokes cognition and emotional processes to explore the landscape of the human mind at critical communication situations between partners and during breakups.




Composed thematic blocks of 360° films in the VR Cinema will present a portrayal of Greenland as well as harrowing documentary testimonies – for example in Nigeria where you will be transported in the film, Daughters of Chibok, focusing on the abduction of over a hundred young women by the Boko Haram terrorist group. Modern slavery on Indonesian fishing ships is captured in the film, Ghost Fleet.


Daughters of Chibok


Game Zone offers computer games dealing with burning and complex topics of today’s world, and unexpectedly work with reference to reality or offer unconventional aesthetic concepts. One of the most notable titles is Mozak, a game used by scientists to collect data using which they can create models of various types of brain cells. Another captivating game is the Polish Fantastic Fetus, a satiric simulator responding to the public debate about the law prohibiting abortions in Poland in 2016.


Fantastic Fetus


Admission, opening hours and reservations


Venue: Horácké Theatre basement
Opening hours: Oct 25 – 29 from 10.00 AM until 6.00 PM
Admission: free for festival pass holders

VR ZONE = VR installations & VR Cinema*

Venue: DKO ground floor
Opening hours: Oct 25 – 28 from 10.00 AM until 9.00 PM and on Oct 29 from 10.00 AM until 5.00 PM
Admission: daily pass for 80/160 CZK (festival pass holders/not accredited visitors)
Reservation of VR installations: no reservations
Reservations of individual VR Cinema screeningsonline (50% of the capacity) / on-site (50% of the capacity + free seats)

* Please make sure to arrive in the VR Zone at least 15 minutes in advance.
* As part of your daily pass and upon prior reservation, you can visit all VR Cinema blocks and installation.

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