28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Al Amari, temporary residence
Al Amari, temporary residence
Al Amari, temporary residence
Al Amari, temporary residence

Al Amari, temporary residence

director: Kristýna Kopřivová
original title: Al Amari, přechodný pobyt
country: Czech Republic, Romania, Palestine
year: 2021
running time: 42 min.


Al Amari is a Palestinian refugee camp located in the West Bank. It has been here for more than seventy years and during this time its original appearance has been replaced by concrete buildings resembling a regular city. This is the Czech director’s second visit to this distinctive community, and despite many residents’ wariness of her, she forms friendships with the locals. The film consists of several portraits of refugees living in Al Amari and provides a report on the difficult everyday life of people surrounded by fear, war and violence. Taken as a whole, these portraits form the story of the filmmaker and her protagonists.

„Here, you don’t actually do what you think or want. You do what the community wants, what your religion wants, what your family wants…“ (From the film.)


Kristýna Kopřivová was born in 1987 in Norway. She studied art history, political philosophy, curating and cultural studies. Today, she is studying documentary film at FAMU and is attending a doctoral programme in media studies. For 8 1/2 Bottles, she observed life in a refugee camp in Palestine.

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director: Kristýna Kopřivová
producer: Mirona Radu, Mohanad Yaqubi, Kristýna Kopřivová
sound design: Mihai Vasiu
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