28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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The Sea Ice
The Sea Ice
The Sea Ice
The Sea Ice
The Sea Ice

The Sea Ice

director: Sergio H. Martín
original title: La Banquisa
country: Mexico
year: 2022
running time: 10 min.


The unsuccessful attempt of polar explorer Roald Amundsen to reach the North Pole by air in 1925 is the subject of a unique archival documentary. The footage, shot in the icy wasteland on a 16mm camera, is supplemented by artificial post-synchros imitating the crunching of snow, the rumbling of wind, and other sounds from the end of the world.

“How to represent the conquest of a place that is an absolutely empty geographical abstraction?”

Source: https://marvinwayne.com/en/la-banquisa


Sergio H. Martín (* 1983) is a Spanish director and editor based in Mexico City. He makes use of his skills not only in the production of Mexican series, but also as a documentary filmmaker. His short film Los Seis Grados de Libertad (Six Degrees of Freedom, 2019) enjoyed success at festivals in France, Belgium, Poland, and the United States.

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director: Sergio H. Martín
producer: Patricia Ordaz, Sergio H. Martín
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