28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Republic of Judges
Republic of Judges
Republic of Judges
Republic of Judges
Republic of Judges

Republic of Judges

director: Hugo Leonardo, Cédric Fanti, Eugenio Puppo
original title: República dos Juízes
country: Brazil
year: 2023
running time: 100 min.


Originally a six-part television series, it offers a detailed insight into the political transformations of the last few decades in Brazil. The transformation of the regime, the introduction of the constitution, the development of human rights, but also the ever-swelling judiciary, whose high-ranking protagonists are paradoxically above the law. Without the use of typical talking heads, the narrative turns to archival footage, television reports, feature films and mood-art video clips to create a documentary collage. The film narrates historical events from a contemporary critical perspective and exposes the mechanisms behind the lawlessness in South American states.

“They do not overthrow the powerful with weapons or battles, but with pens, sentences, and in coordination with the Public Ministry.”

Source: Ponte Jornalismo


Film director and screenwriter Eugenio Puppo lives and works in São Paulo. As a producer and editor, he is behind several feature films and has also worked in documentary filmmaking. His documentary film Sem Pena (2014) about the growing prison population in Brazil was awarded at the Brasilia Festival and SESC Film Festival.

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director: Hugo Leonardo, Cédric Fanti, Eugenio Puppo
producer: Eugenio Puppo
editing: Eugenio Puppo, Cédric Fanti
music: Mari Herzer
executive producer: Eugenio Puppo, Matheus Sundfeld
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