28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Satan Among Us
Satan Among Us
Satan Among Us
Satan Among Us

Satan Among Us

director: Martin Ježek
original title: Satan mezi námi
country: Czech Republic
year: 2023
running time: 75 min.


A meta-film (about the film Arved, directed by Vojtěch Mašek) that should never have been made, because no one can parasitize the ever-blooming flower of the film industry with impunity. Nevertheless, Ježek has signed a pact with the devil, thought he was some kind of Faust, played with the devil and black magic, and made the project happen. And this is unforgivable in today's profit- and success-oriented world. He'll face eternal damnation and the fires of hell. And it serves him right. At least he won't continue to harm those who demand nothing but peace of mind from the world.

“I would like to have the sadness of all that has grown, blossomed and matured in vain, for no one…” – Martin Ježek


Martin Ježek (1976) is one of the most prominent Czech representatives of experimental structural film. He studied production and editing at FAMU. He has been making short documentary essays since 1999, when FOMA started producing 8mm film again. Ji.hlava IDFF regularly screens his works, including auteur films, adaptations (A House Far Away, 2007), or collective films (Second League, 2007).

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director: Martin Ježek
producer: Martin Ježek
editing: Hedvika Hansalová
music: Martin Klapper
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