28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Peculiarity of Fisherman’s Soul
Peculiarity of Fisherman’s Soul
Peculiarity of Fisherman’s Soul
Peculiarity of Fisherman’s Soul

Peculiarity of Fisherman’s Soul

director: Ivana Pauerová Miloševič
original title: Svéráz českého rybolovu
country: Czech Republic
year: 2021
running time: 77 min.


Every year, 15,000 Czech fishermen head to Norway to fulfill their desire to fish at sea. Here they experience moments of mostly male camaraderie, which, like the ubiquitous cigarette smoke, revolves around boyish talk over cans of beer and no one is immune to cabin fever. At least this is the case of six friends meeting in a restaurant in Jihlava. And when the legendary halibut start running through the fjords, the plot of this documentary tragicomedy is taken care of - the compulsive need to catch the coveted fish drives not only the six protagonists, but also the plot of the film itself.

“As part of a comedically humorous narrative, the film depicts the themes of male friendship, unfulfilled dreams, and a very specific type of vanishing male identity.” (Ivana Pauerová Miloševič)


Q&A with Ivana Pauerová Miloševič :




Ivana Pauerová Miloševič (1976) was born in Sarajevo. She graduated from the Faculty of Humanities at Charles University and Documentary Studies at FAMU in the Czech Republic. She now works as a director and dramaturg of documentaries. Her primary focus is on social issues. The Ji.hlava Festival has screened her films Diviška (2014), Czech Journal: Children of the State (2017) and Hate Out of Love 3: Story of Domestic Violence (2019).

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director: Ivana Pauerová Miloševič
cast: Miroslav Holas, Jan Pavlišák, Pavel Šťastný, František Svoboda, Miloš Plott, Petr Vejtaha Przybyla, Jaroslav Dorážka
producer: Anna Lísalová, Alena Müllerová
script: Ivana Pauerová Miloševič
editing: Hedvika Hansalová
music: Džian Baban
sound: Petr Provazník, Petr Šoltys
Ministerstvo kultury
Fond kinematografie
Město Jihlava
Kraj Vysočina
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