28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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The 2023 industry awards were presented at the 27th Ji.hlava IDFF

Ten industry awards were presented today to the most promising projects participating in the Ji.hlava New Visions Forum 2023. In total, twenty-two projects in development, production and post-production were presented at the Forum. The winners received numerous cash and in-kind awards accorded in cooperation with the partners of Ji.hlava IDFF. See the list of all winners.

The creation of the Ji.hlava/JB Films co-production project, a joint initiative of Ji.hlava IDFF and the festival's long-term partner Jan Barta was also announced. Next year, up to EUR 110,000 will be distributed to creative documentaries from the region of Central and Eastern Europe. The films will be selected through a call for proposals to be announced in February 2024. The film projects in which Ji.hlava/JB Films will co-produce shall be announced in June 2024.

The Ji.hlava New Visions jury was composed of Gugi Gumilang (Executive Director, In-Docs & Docs by the Sea, Indonesia, Gita Saedi Kiely (Director of FilmAid, Internews’ in-house program, USA) and Nora Philippe (Head of Programme, EURODOC, France).

Ji.hlava New Visions Award 2023 for the most promising European project will receive post-production services in the value of 15,000 EUR (UPP) and 5,000 EUR (Soundsquare). The winner is:

If Pigeons Turned to Gold

  • Director: Pepa Lubojacki
  • Producers: Wanda Kaprálová, Klára Mamojková
  • Countries: Czech Republic, Slovakia

Jury statement: We found this film to be brave, sincere, incredibly creative, and boldly experimental. It interrogates our paths in the world, the different paths inside one family, and the ways to exist beyond the ongoing pain of addiction. With this award, we want to reinforce Pepa's commitment to share this difficult story. This film will be an alchemical process, and it will need some excellent post-production support to hone its potential and vision.

Two films received the Ji.hlava New Visions Forum Award 2023 for the most promising U.S. projects. The 7,000 USD cash award in partnership with AmDocs will be accorded to the following two projects:

Valley of the Night (5,000 USD)

  • Director and producer: Lynne Siefert
  • Country: USA

Jury statement: This is a stunning dive into a dystopian present, and we commend the filmmaker for her incredibly cinematic approach on such a relevant and pressing issue of these times. Introducing us to temporal migration with such poetic photography promises a very singular and fascinating film.

Vestibul (2,000 USD)

  • Director: Riley Hooper
  • Producers: Caitlin Mae Burke, Bryn Silverman
  • Country: USA

Jury statement: This is a bold and uncompromising film that will create a new conversation around the agency we have with our bodies, sex, and pleasure. We want this award to encourage this filmmaker as she begins this filmic journey that will break taboos and empower many girls, women, and all the humans that need support in building a good relationship with their bodies.

The other cash and in-kind awards were accorded in cooperation with Current Time TV, FilmAid, Docs Connect Taskovski training, Cannes Docs – Marché du Film, Documentary Association of Europe, European Film Market, EURODOC, and Meeting Point Vilnius.

Please see the list of all Ji.hlava New Visions Forum Awards 2023.

The Award for the Best Festival Posters of 2023 were accorded to Trieste Film Festival 2023 (Jury Award) and Visions du Réel 2023 (Audience Award).

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