26th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Planet of Snail
Planet of Snail
Planet of Snail
Planet of Snail
Planet of Snail

Planet of Snail

director: Seung-jun Lee
original title: Planet of Snail
country: South Korea, Japan, Finland
year: 2012
running time: 87 min.


The deafblind poet knows reality only by touch, just like a snail. His slow haptic world of darkness and silence is as far removed from ordinary reality as life on an alien planet. However, this healing film does not represent existence in isolation and solitude as an oppressive existential drama, but as a lifelong therapy of darkness. Young-Chan does not reside on another planet - we are the ones who have distanced ourselves from within in an excess of visual and sound perceptions. A meditation on barriers and freedom cleanses the traces of civilization and opens the door to the elemental world of shapes, surfaces, movement, and the passage of time.


“People with disabilities are usually portrayed stereotypically as people who need our help and compassion. My film is different.” Seungjun Lee


Seungjun Lee (1971) studied history, but since 1999 he has been producing documentaries. In 2008, he founded Bluebird Pictures, focusing on social minorities, giving them a voice in its works. He also addressed the deafblind in the film Moonlight (2014). For his documentary In the Absence (2018), he was nominated for an Oscar.

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director: Seung-jun Lee
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