27th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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competition sections

Opus Bonum

Opus Bonum is a competition section for the documentary films from all around the world, with the price for the Best World Documentary Film. → The winning film will receive a prize of USD 10,000 → Best Central or Eastern European film will receive EUR 3,000 (in cooperation with Current Time TV)


Testimonies is a selection of films that capture the current state of the world from various angles: as much as it may seem that there is no common thread running through them, within the context of Czech and international documentary filmmaking these are works that, for many diff erent reasons, cannot be overlooked.

Czech Joy

Czech Joy is not only a prestigious competition for the best Czech documentary, but also a celebration of the diverse range of new topics and the adventurous spirit of cinematic epxression. → The winning film will receive a prize of 200.000 CZK → The film that receives a special mention from the jury will receive a Nikon camera worth 80.000 CZK

Short Joy

Short Joy is a selection of documentary shorts, with the prize for the Best Short Documentary Film. You are the jury at the Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival. Exclusively at DAFilms.com from 10-23 October. Watch shorts for free, anywhere in the world. Vote. Win. It's as simple as that. DAFilms will distribute the winning film on their platform, giving it the support all filmmakers seek. Meanwhile, you’ll be entered into a prize draw for a yearly subscription, for you or for a friend. You can now check out all films in Short Joy for free. Voting ends on Sunday, 23 October at midnight.


Fascinations is a prestigious section for experimental documentaries from all around the world, with the price for the Best Experimental Documentary Film.

Fascinations: Exprmntl.cz

Exprmntl.cz is a competition survey of the latest Czech experimental films that touch upon reality and never cease in their search for new ways of expressing reality through classical and digital film.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality competition gives viewers the chance to enter into 360° films and spatial installations. Here, you can find 360° documentary films, VR installations and works on the boundary between film and art that make use of virtual spaces to create autonomous worlds whose own rules are determined by visuality. We are interested in works that take advantage of the characteristics of virtuality in an innovative and contemplative manner, that experiment with the audiovisual representation of reality and real stories, or that build an entertaining and instructive world of knowledge and learning.

non-competition sections


Section Constellations presents films, that last year shone on world documentary skies. We introduce carefully selected titles from other film festivals.

Special Event

Exceptional cinema events that guide us through a deep and critical reflection of the meanders of lived life in an unparalleled manner.

Siren Test

The section dedicated to music/sound in contemporary progressive cinematography.

Reality TV

Reality TV opens viewers’ eyes to new television formats and presents the full range of current forms of crossover genres such as docudrama, docusoap, reality show, and mockumentary.

Doc Alliance Selection

Featuring the best films screened at Doc Alliance festivals, including two 2022 Doc Alliance Award winners. Ji.hlava IDFF is part of the alliance, which together consists of 7 key European documentary film festivals. Representatives from each festival nominate both a short and feature film from their program each year, from which European journalists select two Doc Alliance Award winners.

FAMU Presents

FAMU presents a selection of the most remarkable documentaries that have been produced over the past year in various academy departments.

Czech Television Documentaries

A selection of Czech Television's documentary productions over the past year, from television documentary series, such as "Soul Care" or "Chronicle of Orgasm" prepared for Czech Television's on-line iVysílání segment, through documentary portraits "The Eternal Smile of Dana Němcová" or "Toyen, Baroness of Surrealism" to feature-length distribution titles. The successful films "Wild Prague", "Mara Goes to Heaven" and "PSH The Neverending Story" will have Sunday reruns again this year.

UTB: Zlín Block

UTB –⁠ Faculty of Multimedia Communication presents a selection of the most remarkable documentaries that have been produced over the past years.

My Street Films

During the nine years of its existence, My Street Films has established itself as a major educational project that encourages interested members of the general public to shoot short films on topics that they consider to be personally relevant. The project’s uniqueness lies in its openness – throughout the year it connects people who are actively involved in their communities with professionals in the media industry. In addition to national competitions for the best film, it holds workshops for selected participants devoted to documentary filmmaking, open seminars for the public, intensive practical workshops, and film screenings accompanied by a lecture and discussion. At the Ji.hlava IDFF online edition, we present all the films from the Czech competitions entered in the My Street Films Awards.


A comprehensive look at the documentary methods, creative decisions, styles, and cinematic thinking of exceptional documentary filmmakers.

transparent landscapes / retrospectives

Transparent Landscape: Philippines

Reaching back to the very beginning when motion pictures were made in and about the country (1899), the curatorial program digs deep into the historical past and extends the arc to the latest digital works of today. This has never been done before in such a breathtaking attempt to survey the landmark works of the Philippine motion picture history—a history that intersects with that of world cinema. History provides a curatorial armature which allows for an expansive view of the country’s century-old cinematic production. The Transparent Landscape: Philippines section is organised in cooperation with the Film Development Council of the Philippines.

Notes on War

These iconic post-1945 documentary films challenge us to look at them and our world in a different light.

Fascinations: Progress

This year, in the ongoing series of retrospectives devoted to the history of avant-garde film through the ways of representation of certain topic or motive, we want to map the representation of "progress". Something inscribed in the nature of the avant-garde itself, the topic was also widely represented - typically with enthusiasm and admiration, but sometimes also critically. We are interested in films from the beginning of cinema until today. The works from the beginning of cinema and between-the-war period. The "classical" works and "big" names, but also not so well-known films and authors.

Fascinations: Michael Bielický

Michael Bielický is a Prague native who has lived in Germany since 1969. He belongs to the generation of visual artists from the 1980s who adopted video as their medium. He has created single-channel works, installations, and video sculptures that make use of a television signal. His artistic conception combines information technology with magic, Kabbalah, and the history of cinema. In 1991 he co-founded the School of New Media at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, which he led until 2006. He is now a professor and the head of the Department of New Media at HfG Karlsruhe.

Translucent Being: Shirley Clarke

Shirley Clarke (1919-1997) was an American film director and academic. Originally a dancer and choreographer, she made short films in the 1950s , and later documentaries and feature films. She was active in the feminist movement and her work is often included in the New American Cinema.

Translucent Being: Lionel Rogosin

Lionel Rogosin (1924–2000) was an American independent documentary filmmaker for whom filmmaking became part of a broader concept of political activism. In New York, he ran the Bleecker Street Cinema and was a founding and active member of the New American Cinema movement alongside the likes of Jonas Mekas. We are honored to present the best of his documentary filmmaking along with a film made by his son - Michael Rogosin.

offscreen program

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